Organizing Services

Organization to cluttered spaces within the home and/or office.
To setup a systematic stru cture that fits the clients’ immediate desires and needs. We use tools such as storage containers and plastic bags to start and complete the organizing

Cleaning Services

Detailed surface and detailed cleaning for the home and/or office.  Our services include thorough inspection after each cleaning job by the lead cleaner on site.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one-time services.

Packing Services

This service is designed to help make “moving” easier.  We wrap delicate items and box all other items going in a move.  We also provide boxes for the items (for a small fee) Boxes are taped and clearly labeled for unpacking to help our clients move into their new location knowing where things go and where things are.

Personal Assistance

We provide personal help to business clients from running errands (within reason) to keeping and maintaining schedules/calendars, make travel and hotel arrangements, etc.  Our staff is trained and qualified to anticipate the personal needs of our clients and pursue to meet the need with great client satisfaction.

Virtual Assistant Services

Our Virtual Assistant (V.A.) services bring back needed time and pleasure into the life of a business owner.  We help meet their demands without the concern of administrative detailed tasks.  The V.A. allows our clients to rest easy – knowing that their back office is being maintained.  Clients outsource their administrative tasks and marketing projects to us by fax, email, telephone and Internet.  Assignments are then completed by our V.A.’s in a timely and efficient manner, and then returned to our client.  Clients never have to worry about overhead, employee health benefits, vacation pay, worker’s compensation, payroll taxes, office equipment, furniture and software.  This will allow our client to financially save on their budget expenses which will in turn give their business the potential growth it deserves.

Organization Life Coach

If your life seems to be going in every direction and you can't seem to get a handle on may be in need of a life coach to help you get better structure in your day to day routine. Having a life coach is becoming more and more popular these days as people's busy schedule's are now demanding it.

Note:  All fees are personally discussed with each client. 


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