DOGO Cleaning Service



DOGO was founded in 2010 and branching out into various markets.  The President of the company, Anna Godfrey, was motivated to start this business after noticing a nationwide need and being naturally gifted with the skill to organize. 

Disorganization and clutter has now become an epidemic throughout this country and abroad – so much so that we’ve now made television shows such as “Clean House” and “Hoarders-Buried Alive” to this cause.  There are various reasons and degrees for disorganization; whichever the case may be DOGO is here to redeem organization.

We not only come to organize but we also teach our clients how to maintain the order.  Thereby creating less stressful environments, from home to office; from city to city; state to state and nation to nation – thus, were touching the globe – one home, one office at a time.

Note:  Our trained professional staff has acquired security clearances as a pre-requisite upon working for DOGO.

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